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Thinstincts Collection

6 results
Thinstincts  High-Waisted MID-Thigh Short  - Soft Nude  - XS

Thinstincts® High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Short

$72.00 $76.00
Thinstincts  Open-Bust Midthigh Bodysuit  - Soft Nude  - 1X

Thinstincts® Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

$88.00 $92.00
Thinstincts  Girl Short  - Soft Nude  - 1X

Thinstincts® Girl Short

$52.00 $56.00
Thinstincts  MID-Thigh Short  - Soft Nude  - XS

Thinstincts® Mid-Thigh Short

$58.00 $62.00
Thinstincts  Tank  - Soft Nude  - 1X

Thinstincts® Tank

$58.00 $62.00
Thinstincts  Convertible Cami  - Soft Nude  - 1X

Thinstincts® Convertible Cami

$58.00 $62.00
6 results
You can always trust your Thinstincts® for targeted lower tummy shaping without uncomfortable pinching or squeezing! Lightweight, breathable, and elastic-free, these popular tummy shapers are a must-have in every woman’s closet. This collection of lightweight shapewear is available in a variety of different styles. From shorts and tanks to bodysuits & slips, Thinstincts® light control shapewear is just as versatile as your wardrobe! Don’t wait - trust your Thinstincts® and shop for thin shapewear from SPANX today!