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Smartgrip Slips Open-Bust Full Slip - Foundation - 1X

SPANX SmartGrip™ Slips, Open-Bust Full Slip

Smartgrip Slips Half Slip - Foundation - 1X

SPANX SmartGrip™ Slips, Half Slip

Haute Contour Noveau  Slip  - Sandcastle  - S

Haute Contour® Nouveau Slip

3 results
Offering stability, support, and a ride-free fit, SPANX shapewear slips are the perfect primer for any dress! Whether you're looking to conceal and cover or show and tell, we have a shaping slip for you. Available in a variety of different styles and slimming levels, our body shaper slips are just as versatile as you are. Whether you're looking for something to slim the tummy and hips, or just a simple body slip, we've got your butt covered. Shop for slip shapewear today and watch as the magic of SPANX transforms your silhouette tomorrow!