Making Her-Story

Sara Blakely, Spanx Founder,

In the original pants that started it all!

I literally wore this outfit every day for the first 3
years after starting Spanx. I kept the pants
(they still fit-thank you SPANX!), and of course
I kept my lucky red backpack!

Spanx T-shirt

Right after I incorporated
Spanx, I ironed-on the word
SPANX to one of my favorite
black t-shirts and didn’t take it
off for years!

Cream Pants

I bought these pants for $98
in 1998. Frustrated, they hung
in my closet unworn because
I couldn’t figure out what to
wear under them. Until…

Footless Pantyhose

My first invention! If you met me
in the first 3 years, I’m sure I
flashed you my product and
proudly showed off my smooth
rear-end! There is still no better
product in the Spanx line for
wearing under pants…try it!

Lucky Red Backpack

I actually had my first prototype
in this backpack when I presented
to the Neiman Marcus buyer!

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