Summer Bra-blems Solved!

Whether you’re getting ready to run around or enjoy a night on the town,
there’s a SPANX bra to solve every summer outfit dilemma!

Bra-blem: Strapless Dresses Solve: Bra-Cha-Cha

Bra-Cha-Cha Strapless is your trusty bra for strapless
summer dresses. Specifically designed to stay-put, this
innovative strapless bra is a must for every bust!

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Bra-blem: Fitted Cotton Tops Solve: Bra-vo!

Bra-vo Breezy Back-Smoothing bra will keep you looking
sexy & flawless under summer’s clingiest tops. The
lightweight power mesh smoothes your back, feels breezy,
and keeps you comfortable all day!

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Bra-blem: Racerback Shirts Solve: Bra-llelujah! Racerback

Bra-llelujah Racerback is your go-to bra to solve all of
your strap woes. Say good-bye to Visible Bra Lines (VBL)
and hello to a smooth, bump-free back!

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