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If you find products on www.spanx.com that you wish to save but not purchase immediately, you may add them to your Wish List. Create a list of what you're hoping (or hinting) to get! Save a list of your favorite items in your very own personal Wish List. Your Wish List saves items even after you leave our site, making them easy to find and purchase at any time. Items in your Wish List will remain until they are purchased or removed. You can access your Wish List any time you visit www.spanx.com by signing in to My Account with your e-mail and password.

Options in the Wish List:

  • •   Move an item to your Shopping Cart. When you are ready to purchase an item from your Wish List, simply select that item and click "Move to Cart". You will then be able to purchase this item through our secure checkout.
  • •   Return to shopping. If you wish to continue shopping on www.spanx.com while viewing your Wish List, click "Return to Shopping".

Benefits of Wish List:

  • • Personalize your shopping experience by creating and managing different lists for different occasions. Registered customers can create lists of products they want to purchase or that they want someone else to purchase for them. Don’t limit yourself – create and modify as many lists as you want!
  • Make your Wish List Public or Private. Create any Wish List as public or private and determine whether each product within the Wish List should be visible (you can even hide selected products on a public Wish List!).
  • Easy to use. Wish List displays the current quantity desired/left to purchase, availability messaging and provides easy management tools for adding to the cart and removal.
  • Save your favorites for later. Wish List saves your selections even after you leave the site, making it easy to find your favorites next time you shop! However, saving an item to your Wish List does not guarantee availability.
  • Search for public Wish Lists – get ideas and see what everyone else wants.
  • Email a Wish List to a friend – let them do the shopping for you!
  • Print your Wish List and bring it with you to your nearest SPANX retail store and let a SPANX Specialist help you find your favorites! Visit our Store Locator to find the store nearest you.