4 Key Transition Pieces that
Transform Your Look

  • Trust Your Thin-Stincts Booty Bra

    Trust Your Thin-stincts
    Booty Bra

    This pad-less panty gets your rear in gear…all
    year! Pair with pants, dresses or skirts for a
    boosted back and a slim front.

    Trust Your Thin-Stincts Booty Bra
  • Slimmer & Shine Open-Bust Mid-Thigh

    Slimmer & Shine
    Open-Bust Mid-Thigh

    The secret to 360° of shaping 365 days a year? An
    Open-Bust Mid-Thigh! This seamless style keeps your
    chest at its best and your shaper hidden under that
    winter wrap dress or springtime blouse.

    Slimmer & Shine Open-Bust Mid-Thigh
  • Trust Your Thin-Stincts Strapless Top

    Trust Your Thin-stincts
    Strapless Top

    Perfect from night to day or work to play, this top stays
    put and sticks around season-after-season. From
    off-the-shoulder sweaters, to sunny strapless styles,
    wear under shoulder-baring styles for coverage and
    smush-free slimming.

    Trust Your Thin-Stincts Strapless Top
  • Spanx Denim Leggings, Cropped

    Spanx Denim
    Denim Leggings,

    Whether your look says “bundled up & cozy” or
    “spring is in the air”, look chic and slim in a pair
    of Cropped Denim Leggings. Simply switch your
    footwear and your top for year-round use and
    total flattery.

    Spanx Denim Leggings, Cropped